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The Final Hour

Feeling the pressure is no excuse to under-perform when your defining moment arrives, whether that be a sales pitch to new prospects, retaining your clients or a presentation where you have to share BIG news with your teams. Athletes are defined by their performance at Olympic and Paralympic level. This opportunity only happens once every 4 years, and for many athletes, this will be their only chance, so you can only imagine the pressure - with the world looking on, and carrying the hopes of the nation of their shoulders. If you think that in life and business you feel the pressure. Imagine knowing that you have only 1minute 56 seconds to stamp your mark in history, but every decision and action you take during the final preparation could affect the outcome. Danny has launched the second of his corporate keynote speeches, titled “THE FINAL HOUR”. Danny will take you through those tense moments, and share some of the coping strategies he used throughout his international athletics career, which saw him win a Paralympic Gold gold medal as well as winning at the World Championships and European Championships. Strategies that work equally well in business. Danny's presentation will take you through the final preparation of an elite athlete, as they prepare for an Olympic/Paralympic final. Prepare to go on a journey! To book Danny for your conference or event, please contact Caroline on 01245 790277 or email

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