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ABOUT 1404

1404 is a business performance consultancy that specialises in human performance, leadership coaching and team development.  


We help businesses and the teams and individuals within them create and maintain a high performance culture and mindset with an effective and engaging range of tailored programmes. 

1404 was created by and is run by Paralympic gold medal winner and renowned Keynote speaker and performance coach Danny Crates and combines his experience of being involved in elite sport with the expertise of his fellow coaches at 1404.  


1404 Performance will create a unique and bespoke day for your team.  


These high impact sessions combine powerful keynote presentations delivered by one of our skilled speakers with a knowledge and understanding session of how to create a high-performance culture and mindset within your business and team.

These sessions are designed to motivate, inspire and equip your team to deliver results and be more efficient and productive as well as building a stronger bond between them.


1404 Performance coaching is a unique and powerful way to unlock your potential


Our coaching sessions allow individuals and teams the space to focus on their own personal development within the business.


Danny is a highly skilled and experienced coach in the world of personal development and performance, and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from the world of business and performance sport to his sessions.


This is not your typical leadership development programme.

It is built around the values and lessons from being involved in high performance sport, and how we translate this winning mindset into business.

We understand that no two business are the same. Our approach is to meet with you to discuss your vision and values and create a bespoke high-performance programme together, tailored to you for your brand, your people and your business. 

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