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As a Paralympic gold medal winner and former World Record holder over 800m I have first-hand experience of delivering results when it counts and performing under pressure, as well as a deeper understanding of how we bounce back from setbacks. 


The Journey to success is never meant to be easy, but with the right mindset and guidance it is achievable. I believe talent is never enough.


Talent + Guidance + Hard Work = Results. 

What I bring to my coaching sessions


I have been very privileged to work with and be coached by some of the most influential coaches in the world of athletics as well as train alongside and learn from some of the greatest athletes. 


In addition to this, I am a global Keynote speaker, with over 20yrs experience delivering presentations around the world and was voted as one of the top 5 motivational speakers in the world. This combined with my career as an event and TV presenter I have developed the confidence and skills to deliver content to a vast range of audiences.


Creating 1404 Performance alongside my business partner Andrew Cohen-Wray has enabled me to work with businesses and the individuals and teams within them to help them understand, implement and most importantly sustain the building blocks needed to create high-performance teams, culture and mindset.


Why Choose me as your coach:


My coaching style is a blend of all of these experiences and combines traditional coaching techniques and tools with the lessons and learnings from being involved in High-Performance sport, this sits alongside the powerful systems and models we have created at 1404 Performance.


It is my passion and drive to be successful that I bring to my sessions.  Working with people to help them deliver their own gold medal performances.

During the sessions you will:


I will be there by your side every step of the way as we work together to first set clear and achievable goals, then most importantly tap into the power of your WHY.  From this point of clarity, we will plan the journey and your steps to success, checking in continuously and navigating any hurdles or barriers that could get in the way.

How does it work?

During the current Covid situation all coaching sessions will be held over zoom or phone.  Prices and packages are reflective of this. 


I offer a series of options:  

30min introductory call - Free

1 off coaching session £150 p/session

6 session Package £750 (pay for 5 and get 1 free)

10 session Package £1200 (pay for 8 and get 2  free)


Sessions typically last around 45 - 60minutes


Optional extra phone and email support between sessions.

Is coaching just for elite athletes and successful people in business?


No, the fact that they are successful in their chosen field means they were probably coached on their journey and continue to be so.  Most successful people have coaches and mentors.  It is about taking time out from our busy lives to focus on how we can move forward.  That’s the power of coaching.  My job is to help you set your goals, overcome any challenges and most importantly stay focused and motivated throughout the journey.

To book your free 30min consultation to see if coaching is for you, please contact me.


“Over the past year, I have had coaching sessions with Danny Crates to focus on my career development. When Danny and I began the coaching sessions, I was a Class Teacher and Phase Leader. As part of the sessions, Danny and I discussed how I would further my career and prepare for the next potential role. Since, I have taken on the role of Acting Assistant Headteacher and have recently been appointed as Deputy Headteacher. The coaching sessions enabled me to consider my strengths and areas of development before deciding actions. I have benefitted greatly from the coaching sessions with Danny. Each session has been very positive and has contributed significantly to my appointment in both senior leadership positions. I feel that I am now more self-aware and as a result, am a more effective leader. I am looking forward to continuing with the support as a I prepare to transition into my next role.”




Joanne - Deputy Headteacher


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