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Coaching with Danny


Danny is a highly experienced coach, he is the founder and an active partner of 1404 Performance, a successful corporate coaching business. Established in 2016, it specialises in both group and individual coaching.  

​Danny’s coaching style is a blend of his direct experience in high-performance sport and business, combined with traditional coaching techniques, tools and 1404 Performance’s proprietary performance models.


​Why choose me as your coach?

​The Journey to success is never meant to be easy, but with the right mindset and guidance it is achievable. I believe talent alone is not enough.

​Talent + Guidance + Hard Work = Results.

​I will be there by your side every step of the way as we work together to first set clear and achievable goals, then most importantly tap into the power of your WHY.  From this point of clarity, we will plan the journey and your steps to success, checking in continuously and navigating any hurdles or barriers that could get in the way.


Coaching with Danny will:

  • Help you set clear and achievable goals.

  • Facilitate a change in attitude and behaviour to ensure you deliver the desired results.

  • Develop your talent and potential

  • Improve your performance and effectiveness

  • Build confidence

  • Have a clear understanding of what you want to achieve through targeted conversations that challenge and support you

  • Give confidence to step outside of your comfort zones

  • Increase resilience


​Working with Danny

​Danny Specialises in working with executives, business owners and people who are driven and motivated to go the extra mile to succeed.  Danny only works with a maximum of 5 clients at one time to ensure that you are given his full commitment and attention.

It all starts with a 30min introductory call to see if coaching is for you and Danny is the right coach for your needs.


I offer 3 exclusive packages

Gold Package - Intensive 2-day programme.  Work with Danny over a 2-day programme.  This can be broken down into two separate days or back-to-back.  

Silver Package - 6 x 1hr coaching sessions with addition email and phone support.

Bronze Package - 6 x 1hr coaching sessions


To book your free 30min consultation to see if coaching with Danny is for you, please message me for more information.



“Over the past year, I have had coaching sessions with Danny Crates to focus on my career development. When Danny and I began the coaching sessions, I was a Class Teacher and Phase Leader. As part of the sessions, Danny and I discussed how I would further my career and prepare for the next potential role. Since, I have taken on the role of Acting Assistant Headteacher and have recently been appointed as Deputy Headteacher. The coaching sessions enabled me to consider my strengths and areas of development before deciding actions. I have benefitted greatly from the coaching sessions with Danny. Each session has been very positive and has contributed significantly to my appointment in both senior leadership positions. I feel that I am now more self-aware and as a result, am a more effective leader. I am looking forward to continuing with the support as a I prepare to transition into my next role.”


Joanne - Headteacher

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