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My Apple Tart Recipe

Danny’s not so Posh Apple Tart with Crème Chantilly


Puff Pastry (shop brought)

4 cox’s apples

Ground Almonds

Ground cinnamon

Unsalted butter

Apricot Jam

Unrefined sugar

Whipping cream

1 Fresh vanilla pods

Icing sugar

Baking sheet

Equipment List

Round 4 1/2inch pastry cutter, apple corer, another hand to split vanilla pod!


Crème Chantilly

Wisk up whipping cream, with electric whisk or hand whisk if you are hard-core. You want a nice consistency, so it sticks to the spoon. Add either vanilla pods or essence. I prefer pods, as it looks nice with the black dots in the crème. Now add small amounts of icing sugar and stir in until you get the desired mix of vanilla and sweetness.

Cover and place in the fridge.


Cut circulars in pastry

Cover with ground almonds (remembering it is a tart so don’t take ingredients to the edge, which of coarse I forgot)

Thinly slice apple and arrange on base

Place small knobs of butter around

Sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon.

Cook on baking sheet for 13- 15mins 180c

Heat jam in a pan

Remove tart from oven and glaze

Serve with either a posh quenelle of crème Chantilly or a 1-armed Essex quenelle (dollop).

And if it doesn’t look or taste great, don’t blame me.

Please tweet your pictures of culinary triumph or disaster to @dannycrates or share on my Facebook page: Danny Crates Facebook

Bon appetite

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