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Speaking for business

During his 12 year international athletics career, and 25 years working with businesses around the world to help them understand and implement a high-performance culture & mindset, Danny found that sport, like life is never a simple journey, resilience is often the key to success.


Danny will take the time to understand the needs of your business and the teams within them before he creates your unique presentation. 


Danny’s Presentations are guaranteed to leave his audience both motivated and equipped to become high achievers.


Topics covered.


  • Goal setting (Danny's unique and powerful 5 key elements to success

  • Incremental gain

  • continuous improvement

  • learning and moving on from setbacks and failure

  • Control the Controllables

  • Performing under pressure

  • Resilience

  • Growth mindset

  • Stepping outside of your comfort zone

  • Building a high-performance team

  • Creating and maintaining a positive mindset

  • Creating high-performing teams

Keynote Presentations

The Power to Perform.

Every individual possesses the capacity to excel in their chosen field; what's needed is simply unlocking the code. In this presentation, Danny will delve into the traits of high-performance individuals and teams and demonstrate how you can integrate them into your daily life.


Unleash your inner athlete.

In this impactful keynote, Danny shares his personal journey to success, highlighting the qualities exhibited by elite athletes. He will illustrate qualities such as drive, goal orientation, resilience, and a winning mindset are not exclusive to sports stars but are strengths accessible to all.  Danny will show how these qualities can be utilised to deliver your success.


Creating your High-Performance team.

During this Keynote Danny will explore the characteristics of high-performing teams and share the steps needed to take your team from good to great.   Danny will show the importance of creating a culture of high performance and how to create it and maintain it for long-term success.


No Hurdle is impossible to overcome.

Through his unique journey danny will demonstrate that resilience and adaptability to change are an essential key to success. Danny will share the steps that have enabled him to overcome huge obstacles in his life and how to turn these into a recipe for success.


1404 Performance.

1404 Performance is a longer session, running for a half/full day.  This combines a keynote presentation with facilitated sessions.

These high impact sessions combine a powerful keynote presentation with a knowledge and understanding interactive session of how to create high-performance teams, culture and mindset within your business and the individuals.

These sessions are designed to motivate, inspire and equip your team to deliver results and be more efficient and productive as well as building a stronger bond between them.  

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