Danny was excellent – in fact those of us who have heard him before felt he was even better than on previous occasions.

Please thank him for all his work for us and for his calm acceptance of the limitations of the IT systems when we were there!

Mrs B Gardener

Assistant Headteacher

CTSA Manager


“I’ve worked with Danny many times. He always brings passion and punch to what he does and he shines on camera – not literally of course, we have powder for that.”

Clare Balding

BAFTA Winning TV presenter


It was an honour to have Danny host the launch of the Endure 6 Challenge an event designed to raise awareness and funding for six different charities. The evening was a huge success, thanks to Danny’s skill, experience, humour and ability to engage with the audience whilst managing the running order to perfection. Danny showed a professional approach, as he interviewed record breaking adventurer Jo Gambi,  managed the interchange of performing acts seamlessly, and entertained the crowd throughout the evening. The great thing about Danny is that he knows exactly what is needed to deliver at the highest level, which is crucial when launching a new product. We are very much looking forward to working with Danny on future projects.

Gareth Syms –

Founder Endure World Events & The Endure Foundation.


A true inspiration to all of us of what can be achieved with determination and commitment, Danny delivers a truly exiting and real account of a journey that we can all relate to, regardless of our walk of life or ability.

Gary Mobbs

Health & Safety Manager

Weetabix Cereal Manufacturers


Danny worked with us  at several of our events providing motivational speaking and an insight into the mind of a Paralympian.  With Danny’s passion, enthusiasm and great stories it is difficult for an audience not to be captivated.  In fact during one presentation the whole audience gave him a standing ovation.  Danny will certainly add great things to an event.  A great guy with a great story.  Thanks Danny

Jason Burkinshaw

Coca- Cola Olympic Operations Controller


Danny presented at three staff events, speaking to almost 500 employees in total, and each time the response from our guests was overwhelmingly positive.  Danny is very comfortable, genuine and engaging, both in front of an audience and when speaking individually to our guests.  His presentations were incredibly inspiring and motivating, and were delivered with a wonderful mix of sincerity, clarity and good humour. Prior to the events Danny made sure he understood our brief, he asked all the right questions, and his presentation reflected this. He was a pleasure to work with, and I am looking forward to having the opportunity to work with him again.

Fritha Ryan

Senior Communications Executive

Ingeus UK Limited


‘What can I say, Danny is an inspiration to us all and a genuinely nice guy. He was a pleasure to work with from the moment he arrived at our event. Early I might add! Professional but down-to-earth, he charmed all those that spoke with him. His talk was inspirational and emotional and his comparing of our awards presentation faultless. The post event feedback from all our members has been extremely positive and we would not hesitate to recommend him for similar events.’

Jane Cook, Operations Director
Association of Interior Specialists (AIS)


“Danny Crates was one of the most inspirational guests at our recent Power to Perform week. His talk was incredibly inspiring and applicable to everybody, proving that no hurdle in life is impossible to overcome. His charm, humour and honesty were met with approval by a very engaged audience and I know that each person left having been motivated and touched by Danny’s unique story.”
Peter Moss, Managing Director, Trading, Financial & Risk – Thomson Reuters


He was FABULOUS – what a LOVELY man!
“Prior to the event, Danny made the effort to understand the sort of guests we would have at the dinner and how to pitch his talk. On the night, Danny was absolutely charming. He fitted in with my table guests immediately and it was like we’d known him a long time. His after dinner speech was brilliant – one of the best I have ever heard. He had grown men crying with laughter at his one armed window cleaner in a shark tank story! And the whole thing really was truly inspirational – what a story. Several people have spoken to me afterwards and said that in light of his talk, they are reviewing some of their own major life decisions. He didn’t disappear at the end of the dinner either – he stopped to have a couple of drinks in the bar and spoke to many people. If I ever organise something for another dinner that doesn’t consist of the same guests, I wouldn’t hesitate to engage Danny again.”

Pippa Birch, Institute of Asphalt Technology – Western Branch Chairman


The feedback on your presentation has been fantastic, the pace, tone and content was pitched at the right level considering the mixture of the our audience.  Everyone felt that they connected with you on your determination to succeed once you got back into playing rugby and then onto athletics.  Other feedback was that it was great to have a speaker (please don’t take any offence) who wasn’t a public school toff and that they could relate to for many different reasons.  So please don’t change it and our only regret is that we didn’t have you speak for a longer period of time.
Your book has also been read by many of the delegates who attended and the feedback has been great, the book has been an easy read and has made them both laugh and been tinged with sadness for the lad who was, but has helped them to understand your story more.
Thank you ever so much for attending and I have said to other senior managers within the organisation that they should have you along to present at future events, so let me know if they do.

Sharon Blyfield, HR Business Partner, Coke


Danny has been Adecco’s Ambassador for the Olympic and Paralympic Games since we became sponsors in 2009 and in many ways has been the face of Adecco . Of course, Danny brings his own extraordinary personal story and world Paralympic gold medal winning achievements but from a business perspective what makes him stand out is his ability to get the message across to so many different audiences whether an intimate staff group, a presentation to thousands at our conference or throwing himself good naturedly into PR activities for our Workplace Games. Good humour, flexibility and ability to adapt his story to the messages we want to get across as a business have been the real benefits to us and always delivered a professional approach. I would highly recommend Danny for any occasion, programme or speech, large or small.

Steve Girdler

Director of London 2012 Partnership

Adecco Group

I just wanted to say another huge thank you for your contribution to the success of our former partner bash last night – your speech was hugely inspiring and I think you must have spoken to just about every guest by the end of the evening as you were one of the last to leave.  You pitched everything just perfectly and I am really grateful to you for helping to make yesterday evening such a success.

I promised to recommend you for equivalent events, and I am copying this to Heather Hancock who is our Olympics supremo and she can pass the word around in addition to me.

Once again, Danny, many many thanks and I am sure I will enjoy reading your book as well.

David J O Cruickshank

Deloitte LLP


Many thanks for yesterday, your session went down really well. your humour and natural engaging style chimed well with the audience.
The messaging about incremental change as part of a bigger picture played perfectly to our transformational journey.
There was a buzz that ran through the afternoon and that was due to your inspirational story.
I will recommend you wherever I can and if you need a reference feel free to point anyone in my direction.

Good luck with C4, your speaking business and beating the honey monster!

Steve Rogers
Change Delivery Manager Post Office

Thank you so much for such an inspirational start to our Governors’ Conference on 10 March.

Despite the sound system letting you down, governors have told us that they found you to be ‘amazing’, ‘brilliant’, ‘fantastic’ and ‘highly motivational’.

One of the questions on our feedback form was about the key messages that governors would be taking away with them from the conference. Here are some of their comments:

‘How to inspire pupils like Danny’
‘You can do most things if you try’
‘You need to have a large vision – but take small steps towards it’
‘The motivation I now feel as a governor. Listening to Danny will stay with me for the rest of my life. Thank you.’

I know that many governors are now avidly reading your new book! Thank you for helping to make this year’s conference such a success.

Kind Regards

Debbi Botham
Governor Services

“I just wanted to thank you for being so inspirational for so many young people tonight. My nephew is amazing and doesn’t see that he cant do anything but he lives in a world most of the time where people understand he is autistic. It is when he faces people who don’t know him that sometimes things become a struggle as he doesn’t know why people judge him and take away his self esteem. Tonight he stood up as a young man and was told by people like you who have done so much worth their life that just being him was an achievement. Thank you so much, you are an inspiration and I must also add that your warmth towards every single young person there was touching and admirable.”
Anna (Aunt of Jack Petchey award recipient)

“Danny Crates gave an inspirational opening to the annual Conference for Suffolk Primary Headteachers. The theme was ‘Leading in Adversity’ and Danny’s message was clear; adversity provides opportunity.

How do you loose an arm at the age of 21 and see it as an opportunity? Danny told his story and showed how, from the time of the accident, he re-built his life to become a successful rugby player and subsequently a world class champion athlete.

His passion and belief were compelling and he constantly had to wait for the headteachers’ applause to settle before continuing to speak after showing some of the film clips of his great sporting achievements.

He set his story around the need to have; goals, plans, influential people, trust and passion. He demonstrated all brilliantly.

I still have his picture beside my desk and use it regularly to remind myself that the difficult staffing issue and budget deficit I am currently dealing with provide opportunities………..it’s a whole new way of looking at adversity.

Thank you Danny, you were and are wonderful!”

Mick Meadows

Head of Workforce Development

Suffolk Children & Young People’s Services



Danny was an exceptional speaker whose message was inspiring to all the young people that attended our Year 11 into 12 Induction.  He obviously took the time to familiarise himself with the key messages we wanted conveyed and integrated them into his presentation.  Danny related well to the students fostering an atmosphere of mutual respect.  He was approachable at the end of the presentation allowing himself to be photographed with small groups of students.  I would recommend Danny to any individuals who would like to host a similar event.

Dave Pearce,  Welwyn & Hatfield Consortium


“Thank you so much for one of the best presentations we’ve ever had at an Awards Evening in the 19 years I’ve been here!  You had the audience hanging on your every word. Feedback today from everyone was excellent, with words such as overwhelming, inspirational and emotional, to name just a few. Your natural approach was engaging and showed great warmth to everybody which made the evening especially memorable.  Thank you again.”

– David Franklin (Chelmer Valley)

What were the best bits?

“The talk from Dan, absolutely brilliant.” x 6

“Danny Crates definitely – I thought he was really inspirational and a great person to have had on the day, very uplifting.”

“The best bit was the talk given by Danny Crates mainly because he was extremely motivational and inspiring, his whole attitude towards life works in both achieving business/work related and personal goals.”

“Danny Crates was inspirational!”

“The presentation by Danny Crates was fantastic, very inspiring and I think made us feel proud to be sponsoring the Paralympics.”

“Danny made the day for me.”

What is your main ‘takeaway’ from the day?

“The talk from Danny Crates and the great opportunities our Paralympic sponsorship deal offers us.”

“Some of the comments from Danny on Goal setting were very inspiring.”

“I walked away from that day feeling motivated and inspired because of Danny Crates. I was floored by his speech and all the obstacles and triumphs he experienced and it made me question my beliefs and attitude towards life.”

“I definitely walked away thinking ‘never give up on anyone or anything’ and to always believe in yourself even if others don’t.”

“The inspiring talk by Danny Crates encouraged us to have goals but take a realistic approach and not be put off or disheartened by setbacks.”

““My main take away from the day was the presentation by Danny Crates. It was a very inspirational and moving presentation that he gave us.”

Sainsbury’s Corporate Services Away Day

“Danny is an absolute gem. His professionalism and passion for sport shines through not only his presentation but also in conversations with his audience/attendees. I’ve been involved in sport at many levels and in many different environments and I must say that Danny is the most inspiring athlete I have met – he is a true gentleman and a great ambassador for Sport.”
– Janine Beacher City & Guilds

“Danny was an inspiration to everyone at the conference.  Out of 900 people, Danny got 98.9% score which was the highest we have ever had.”

– Airwave conference (Celtic Manor 2009)

“Danny was inspirational. Whether talking to children or presenting to adults he had the audience riveted, and we have already received a number of requests from other organisations keen to work with him.”

-Bob Diamond Medway 2012 Manager Jan 2007

“Danny Crates simultaneously charmed and inspired our audience by sharing with us the seriousness of his tenacity and will to succeed with sparkle and a terrific sense of humour! He is an inspiring and professional speaker and shows great intuition in matching the environment as a speaker. He has a wonderful personality that comes through during his speech and his contact with the audience following the speech. Feedback from our participants was overwhelmingly positive!”

-Brydie Lear GOLD (Global Organisational Leadership development) Program Coordinator
Atos Origin International BV Sept 2006

“Danny always presents a very positive picture of competing at international level, and captures the audience throughout the presentation with strong messages about participation in sport. He is always well prepared for each event and can be flexible and adaptable if needed. His content and delivery are always excellent and we will be using him again!”

-Russell Everard Braintree District Council October 2006

“Danny Crates – great! Worth the whole day. Please find more like this – not education, just pure inspiration – superb!!”

-Essex Primary Headteachers Association March 2006

“Danny offered an inspirational and personal insight into the Olympic Experience. He was able to contextualise the event in terms of the benefits that London 2012 may bring to Colchester its people and its communities He was adaptable and understood the context and depth of presentation required.”

-Colchester 2020 Assembly

“Danny was a reliable honest interesting a truly inspirational speaker who engaged the audience with humour , interest while delivering the messages we asked of him. Great person to have at any event we would certainly recommend him to others.”

-The Chelmsford Partnership

“Compelling, has the ability to deliver a serious message with humour and sensitivity.”

-Essex Police, Hate Crime Menace in Society Campaign Launch

“In 45 minutes Danny inspired, motivated and won the admiration of our students. His positive attitude, determination, commitment to his sport and sense of fun shone through in his presentation. We will definitely invite him back again.”

-Oldham College,

“Danny was warm, down to earth and approachable. His presentation held the attention of children and adults alike, and was entertaining and inspiring to listen to. Danny’s obvious enjoyment of life and sport shone through as did his positive attitude and we couldn’t have been more impressed.”

-Eureka. The Museum for Children Discovery

“Danny was excellent.” -quote from one of the attendees

“Danny Crates was awesome and very motivational for the young athletes.”

-Thurrock Council Sports Awards Evening

“Thank you for your most entertaining and enthralling after dinner speech. Over the years we have had a variety of speakers, current high performers ex athletes who are now TV/Radio commentators: but never one with such a bright and vital style.”

-Woodford Green Athletic Club

“Your address was powerful, humorous positive, and you reinforced the belief that no disability or hardship is a reason to give up.”

-Connexions and Careers Management Conference

“Marvellous, Compelling, Charming.”

-BBC Correspondent Nicholas Witchell

“Danny was superb, he was able to lighten the mood without deflecting from the serious message, we would like to use him again and again.”

-Scope‘Tell it like it is’ Launch

“His Natural enthusiasm energy and embrace for life shines through and I found him very inspirational.”
-Lesley Morris Attitudesspecialist in performance management at the Business and Professional Women UK Limited launch